A lot of people ask: “ How did you come up with the idea to cut books?” Another question people often ask: “Has it something to do with your dyslexia?”

I both love and hate written text. I love to write stories, but it sometimes takes far too long and reading is not exactly my hobby. But that is not the reason I started to cut books. One of the reasons is part of my education at the SISA in Antwerp. I studied graphic design there.

Well designed object (or commercial) often has two important aspects. First, it has to function or communicate well. Second, it has to have esthetic value. The reason for this is that people like to have beautifully designed objects. The most attention goes to the best designed commercials.

Those two subjects, function and esthetics, are the ones I use in my work. I have sought for an object of which I can remove the function and give it more esthetic value. I chose books as the subject of my work. Books, because they also have a relationship with graphic design. I was accustomed to the material paper and I have made some books in the past. All and all an object that I know pretty well and which fits me. At first, I remove the function by cutting and tearing the book. Then I rebuild the book by curling and gluing the paper. The paper keeps getting connected to the book at all times.

Not always the way I cut the books has something to do with the contents of its text. Most of the time I use its appearance as inspiration instead, for instance the typography, pictures and the colour of the paper. Sometimes I have some luck and I stumble upon a beautiful title like ‘What Is The Nature?’ I never know beforehand how the work will look like when finished. What I do know is what I want to do with it. Tearing the pages instead of cutting them or working outside of the book with long strands of paper. The structures that appear in my work are deratives of structures in nature, but leave enough to the imagination.